Climate Change

Family First opposes the carbon tax (and/or the introduction of an emissions trading scheme). It believes it is grossly irresponsible to proceed with such a policy which involves major changes to the Australian economy without having a proper, independent enquiry eg a Royal Commission, which is prepared to listen to the many distinguished scientists who disagree with the current 'climate change doctrine'.

Articles of Interest

Cool It
[Nigel Lawson, based on a speech given to the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment at the University of Bath; reproduced with permission.]

Climate change 'heretics' rebuff carbon dangers
[Published in The Australian]
If you hit the pay wall, simply put these words:
Climate change 'heretics' rebuff carbon dangers
into a Google search and follow the link to the full story.

A Dozen Global Warming Slogans
[Bob Carter, reproduced with permission. First published in Quadrant Online.]

Why No Dangerous Rise in Temperatures Threatens
[Des Moore, reproduced with permission.]

Why we should be afraid---very afraid---of Julia Gillard's fantasies
[Terry McCrann, reproduced with permission.]

Testimony to US Congress
[Prof John Christy, reproduced with permission.]

What is CO2?
[Gregg D Thompson]

Combet's 10 Big Errors
[Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks & Bill Kininmonth]


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