Family First believes life is precious and is committed to healing, caring for and saving lives wherever possible - particularly the dignity and value of older people.


Life Policy

Articles of Interest

US surge to enshrine rights of unborn could revive local movement
[Angela Shanahan, The Australian]

Adoption is Better than Abortion
[Kevin McGovern, Quadrant]

Prohibition's real lessons for drug policy
[Los Angeles Times]

The Death of Dr Death
[by Bill Muehlenberg, reproduced with permission]

The New King Herods
[by Frank Furedi, reproduced with permission]

Brown's euthanasia bill a perilous test for Gillard
[by Paul Kelly, reproduced with permission]

Test of conviction on a life and death issue
[by Christopher Pearson, reproduced with permission]

Speech in SA Parliament, 2010
[by Dennis Hood MLC]

Zachary may feel like Elton's motherless child,
[by Greg Donnelly, reproduced with permission]

Abortion debate takes on a new life of its own
[by Miranda Devine, reproduced with permission ]


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