Marriage Is Special

Marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. Family First is committed to promoting policies that support marriage and hold families together.


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Articles of Interest

The Devaluation of Marriage is Costing Society
[Claire Lehmann, reproduced with permission]

Marriage and Children: What is Best?
[Guy Barnett, reproduced with permission]

Submission to Senate Committee Inquiry into Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010
[Rocco Mimmo, Ambrose Centre For Religious Liberty, reproduced with permission]

Divorced From Reality
[Stephen Baskerville, The American Conservative]

Labor's dying wish: to bury marriage once and for all
[Tim Cannon, News Weekly]

Passion for same-sex marriage a problem for Labor
[Paul Kelly, The Australian]

Gays must curb vile vitriol
[Miranda Devine, Herald Sun]

Gay marriage is not as simple as David Cameron believes
[Charles Moore, Telegraph UK]

21 Reasons Why Marriage Matters
[National Marriage Coalition]

More Commodification of Children
[Bill Muehlenberg (CultureWatch blogsite), reproduced with permission]

Why we need a renewed culture of natural marriage
[Allan Carson (originally published in (News Weekly), reproduced with permission]

Neither a Marriage Nor a Civil Right
[Mary Jo Anderson, reproduced with permission]


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