Income tax, company tax, payroll tax, petrol tax, GST, the Medicare levy, the emergency services levy, the River Murray levy … on it goes. Governments, State and Federal, hit us at every turn. The capacity of politicians and public servants to spend our taxes knows no bounds. We wouldn't mind if our taxes went on improving roads, hospitals, schools, Aboriginal communities, disability services, homelessness and law and order, but it doesn't. Give another $billion dollars to any of these departments and it is immediately gobbled up by building the bureaucracy - new offices, more staff, higher pay, and more cars. But not better services on the wards, in the classrooms or on remote communities. If the Australian tax system is to offer incentives to be productive, to expand activities, to shift from welfare to work, to pay tax and invest in the future then it must be simple, flat and, in the eyes of tax payers, a fair system.


Tax Policy

Articles of Interest

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[Des Moore, reproduced with permission.]

'A Hateful Tax': Section 90 of the Constitution
[Sir Harry Gibbs]

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[Brian Galligan, reproduced with permission.]

Death and Taxes

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